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Call for content & speakers

We’re gearing up for another fantastic StartupCincy Week and we need your help to create engaging and valuable content! We’re seeking top innovators, professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, and founders to join us as speakers or content creators for our national audience. Your expertise and insights can make a significant impact on the Cincinnati startup ecosystem. 

Content should:

  • Create impactful connections for startups and entrepreneurs.
  • Facilitate one, or a combination of, the following: future investment, talent acquisition, customer engagement, networking opportunities
  • Provide fresh knowledge and skills
  • Have focused subject matter (Ex. “SaaS and Seed Funding”, “Hiring Your First Full-Time Employee as an Entrepreneur”)
  • Dive deep into important and relevant topics
  • Offer unique insights and new learnings that are not available elsewhere


Content should not:

  • Consist only of a business pitch (Fear not! Founders will have many opportunities to pitch throughout the week)
  • Include virtual presenters or speakers. All presentation and discussion will be LIVE.
  • Be too broad, basic, or unspecific. Let’s get original!

Offer Fresh Knowledge through Workshops & Seminars: Provide attendees with new skills and insights through hands-on workshops and interactive seminars. These sessions cover a variety of topics crucial for startup growth, ensuring participants gain practical and applicable knowledge.

Focus on Relevant Topics with Panels & Discussions: Organize panels and discussions centered on specific subject matters relevant to startups and entrepreneurs. Topics can include funding strategies, team building, customer acquisition, and more, ensuring the content is impactful and pertinent to current industry challenges.

Dive Deep with In-Depth Analyses & Case Studies: Present detailed analyses of important and relevant topics through case studies and deep-dive sessions. Offer unique insights and learnings that attendees won’t find elsewhere, exploring the intricacies of key issues and providing thorough understanding and actionable takeaways.

Facilitate Connections through Guided Networking Sessions: Create structured networking opportunities that facilitate meaningful connections between attendees. These sessions are designed to help participants find potential investors, partners, mentors, and peers who can support their entrepreneurial journey.

Enhance Engagement with Interactive Q&A & Roundtable Discussions: Encourage active participation and engagement through interactive Q&A sessions and roundtable discussions. These formats allow for dynamic exchanges of ideas and experiences, helping attendees gain deeper insights and diverse perspectives.

Provide Unique Insights through Expert Panels & Keynote Speeches: Feature expert panels and keynote speeches by industry leaders and innovators. These sessions offer fresh perspectives, share unique insights, and inspire attendees with new ideas and approaches.

All submissions must be received by July 1. 

  • Increase Visibility: Showcase your business journey to a national audience, enhancing your brand recognition and credibility.
  • Build Connections: Forge impactful connections with startups, entrepreneurs, and other key players in the industry, fostering future collaborations and partnerships.
  • Facilitate Opportunities: Create pathways for future investment, talent acquisition, customer engagement, and valuable networking opportunities.
  • Impact the Ecosystem: Play a vital role in shaping the startup ecosystem by sharing your knowledge and expertise, thereby helping other founders grow and succeed.

Fill out the form to the best of your ability, leave any questions you have and our team will be in touch! 

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