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Save the date for the most innovative week of the year.

   Cincinnati, Ohio
   Registration opens august 1

StartupCincy Week is back to connect our region’s and nation’s entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators to cutting edge knowledge sharing, networking, resources, and to our ecosystem. Plus you’ll get to experience the best food, community, and innovation Cincinnati has to offer.

Save the date now for #SUCW2023, October 23-26, 2023.


Join us in embracing the spirit that made Cincinnati a hub of creativity and enterprise, whether through innovation, collaboration, or sheer determination. 

From the storied institutions to the trailblazing startups and everyone in between, we’re returning to our roots and showcasing what hustle means to us.

Unleashing Cincinnati’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Cincinnati, Ohio, is the epitome of “Homegrown Hustle,” a testament to its entrepreneurial heritage and the collective drive to foster a vibrant startup and innovation culture. This bustling city stands proudly as a home to Fortune 500 companies, a diverse range of startups, and a wealth of supportive resources, including incubators, accelerators, and venture capital firms, all dedicated to nurturing and propelling entrepreneurial endeavors. 

With affordable housing, a vibrant arts and culture scene, and a strong sense of community, Cincinnati offers a high quality of life that enables entrepreneurs to focus on their dreams and aspirations. As Cincinnati continues to thrive, it is poised to become an unrivaled destination for innovation and a shining example of what a vibrant and dynamic startup ecosystem can achieve in the Midwest.

Looking to engage with StartupCincy?

StartupCincy an ecosystem is dedicated to serving startups through diverse programming, invaluable connections, and vetted resources to build a robust startup economy for our entire region. And at every stage, we’re here to point you in the right direction. We have curated resources designed to provide assistance and insight to startups and entrepreneurs, wherever you are in your journey.